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Three Easy Ways To Go Green In The Kitchen

kitchen window silverware and houseplant

Are you looking to go green in your kitchen routine? There are countless ways to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Below are a few ways to green up everyone’s favorite room.

No. 1 Skip red meat once a week. bowl of berlotti beans
Meat production―especially in mass-produced beef―is extremely resource-intensive. It can take seven or more pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef, and livestock consumes 70 percent of America’s grain. Eat less of it and choose pasture-fed, sustainably raised beef whenever you can. If you alone gave it up once every seven days, you would save the 840 gallons of fresh water it takes to produce a single serving.

No. 2 Clean up your dishwasher.
Switch to a dishwashing powder that’s biodegradable and plant-based. These cleansers cut through grime, but they do it without the bleach and phosphates that threaten river and marine life and leave chemical residue on your dishes.



No. 3 Choose the right appliance for the job. toaster oven
A toaster oven uses up to half the energy of a conventional electric oven. An electric slow cooker makes soups and stews using less wattage than a stove.


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