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Why You Shouldn’t Put Plastic Grocery Bags In Your Recycling Bin

Picture of recycling sorter machine clogged with plastic bags.

Believe it or not, plastic grocery bags create a lot of problems for recycling facilities.

The bags get wrapped around the massive roller/sorters and clog the works. All processes stop as workers climb onto the machines and cut the bags off.  This creates a much higher labor cost and delays in processing.

If you do use plastic grocery bags, do you know the best place to bring them for recycling? Right where you got them! Bring them back to the store on your next trip. The store SHOULD have a recycling container for just this purpose. If your grocery store does not have a container for them, be sure to ask the store manager to explain.

It would be wonderful if the world didn’t have plastic grocery bags, wouldn’t it? We almost always bring our reusable bags with us. When we forget, we go with paper bags at check-out.

If you are interested in seeing what sort of legislation involving plastic grocery bags is happening in your state, go here and learn more.

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