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Our Story

About Kimberly-Carr Home Designs

Kimberly-Carr Home Designs is more than a brand of eco-conscious home and lifestyle goods. We're a family trying to live a greener life.

Kimberly-Carr Home Designs was founded in 2014 by Michael and Heather O., a husband and wife team, whose mission it is to teach people simple ways to live healthier, greener lives by sharing their own experiences and introducing them to safe, non-toxic and single-use plastic-free products. We use only the highest quality, toxin-free and eco-conscious materials, handcrafted construction and an eye for elegant design.

How It All Began

A few years ago, Michael and I sat down to watch one of many documentaries that came out around the same time about the American food industry and consumerism in general. We made it about halfway through before we had to turn off the television...

Until then, we thought we were doing a pretty good job feeding our family healthy foods and keeping our home safe and clean. Boy, were we wrong! We began to realize that there were so many things in our home that were toxic and full of chemicals.

So down the rabbit-hole of online searching we went. Just like Alice, what we found was sometimes shocking, not to mention really overwhelming. We realized that we just needed to change One Thing at a Time. Little by little, we have gotten rid of “bad” products and habits, and brought in cleaner, greener goodness.


michael and heather

We didn't start out in the home decor business, though. Coming from Boston University and the School of Life (Michael and Heather respectively), wound up meeting in the restaurant industry. A shared passion for fine wine and the culinary arts led to us both finding our way to fine wine sales. Sometimes life opens up a new door in an unexpected place, and as we began researching and replacing toxic products in our home, we saw an opportunity to help others do the same. We decided to begin our own brand of eco-friendly home products and Kimberly-Carr Home Designs was born! We have both since left our wine sales jobs and now work full-time, solely focused on changing people’s lives, one product switch at a time.

Selecting our first product was a no-brainer. Vinyl (PVC) shower curtains are one of the worst toxic offenders, leaching out up to an estimated 108 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into American homes every day. We knew that if we could get every home in the U.S. to ditch the vinyl and switch to washable PVC-free fabric shower curtains, we could make a substantial improvement in the lives of millions of people.

Today, we’re still working on that mission, and taking our time to carefully select new products to add to our brand. While our polyester shower curtain liner is washable and reusable, thus keeping countless vinyl or cheap plastic shower curtains out of the waste stream, virgin (or new) polyester is admittedly an imperfect material. We are currently pursuing using full or partially recycled polyester in our curtains moving forward.

In 2018, we joined the Textile Exchange, a global non-profit that promotes responsible practices and materials in the textile industry. In 2017, they announced a challenge to textile manufacturers to increase their use of recycled polyester to 25% by 2020. This one industry change alone would divert almost 3 billion bottles from ending up in landfills, reduce toxic effects on humans and animals and lower carbon emissions.

To fund our desire to switch to recycled polyester fabric, we entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, hoping to win the $10,000 prize to use in our first production run of recycled polyester fabric. While we didn't win 🙁 we haven't given up! Stay tuned for updates on that mission. 

New releases from KCHD will focus on beating plastic pollution in the form of new and clever alternatives to single use plastics that are so wasteful and pervasive.

From going Meatless Monday, to going zero-waste, we love sharing the latest green living news and time-honored tips as we discover them. Check out the Green Living Blog, join our exclusive Facebook Group, We Can Beat Plastic Pollution, and officially become one of our friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to learn along with us!